How russia-ukraine war impacts globally.
The Russia-Ukraine war was started on february 2022 and it hasn’t stopped yet. This war is affecting global economy, energy supplies and food securities.
Lets take a look how it affects global economy.

  1. Rising prices and supply problems: this war has disturbed global supply chain which resultsĀ  hard and moreĀ  expensive to get goods. Which directly affects on economy of countries. Both russia and ukraine are main exporters of raw materials like metal, agricultural products and energy sources.
  2. Food security: ukraine is known as ‘breadbasket’ of europe. This war disturbed ukraine’s fields to produce and Export crops. So as the result this distruction lead shortages and Crops prices start hiking in global food markets. Countries like middle east and africa have faced significant food security challenges.
  3. Refugee crisis: in the recent history this war triggered one of the largest refugee crisis. Many ukranians have moved to their neighboring countries like germany, poland and romania, straining their social sevices and infastructure.
  4. Cybersecurity: globally, countries invest more in cybersecurity beacause they are aware the importance of protecting digital infrastructure. both the countries do cyber attacks, targeting gowernment websites, infrastructure and private companies, these attacks stole sensitive Informations from each other.
  5. Environmental damage: wars always causes environmental damage. Ukraine and russia war destroys forests, soils, fields and polluted water. If this war continues for long time.. It will affect our ecosystem and bio diversity. War is not just affecting humans it also affects to animals and birds.

Conclusion: The Russia-Ukraine war impacts globally on many factors. From economic to political it comes to social and environmental impacts. Its affects all around not just countries involved. We can undertand by these impacts that how we all are connected. At the end its important to come forward and work towards Peace.