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What is Cryptocurrency?

Definition: Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money. This money is used as a medium of exchange through a computer network. Unlike traditional money, this is not controlled by banks or the government. The most famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin, created by a group...

Russia-Ukraine War

How russia-ukraine war impacts globally.The Russia-Ukraine war was started on february 2022 and it hasn't stopped yet. This war is affecting global economy, energy supplies and food securities.Lets take a look how it affects global economy. Rising prices and supply...

How do machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies help businesses?

Today we will talk about the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (MI) and how these technologies help in businesses. Machine learning (ML) is a field of learning in artificial intelligence (AI). Improving decision making: AI and ML uses earlier...

Investing in Banking Shares in India

Introduction:A group or network of institutions that provide financial services is called a banking system. banking is a very important part of any country's economy and plays a main role in the functioning of stock Marketing. The Indian Banking System includes...

The Indian Premier League (IPL)

Introduction to IPL Sports: Sports have been the main purpose of entertainment for decades. Sports are part of every culture, past and present. Different countries show interest in different sports, such as football, cricket, hockey, etc. In India, people love to...